Red Panda Profile

Scientific Name: Ailurus fulgens

Also Know as: The Fire Fox

Region: Can be Found in Nepal , Myanmar (Burma) and Parts of China

Size: Head to tail 32 – 46 inches long , and weigh between 12 and 20 lbs

Diet: Herbivore

Lifespan: 8 years in the wild

Status in the Wild: Endangered , approximately 10,000 left in the wild

Where to start with these little guys, aside from being immeasurably cute the red panda is a fascinating creature. though it has some similarities to the giant panda in terms of region ,  diet (mostly bamboo) and also it’s false thumb ,  the red panda is actually not a bear and is more closely related to the North American Raccoon (Affectionately known as the Trash Panda) than it is to the giant panda.

The red pandas strong claws flexible wrists and false thumbs make them expert climbers. Though their head and body are a similar in size to a domestic cat their long bushy tails add up to 18 inches to their over all length. Red pandas can often be seen sleeping with their tail wrapped around them for warmth.

Red Panda’s are nocturnal tree dwellers , they spend most of their lives in trees where  they sleep and build their dens. At night the little creatures come down from the tress to forage for food , though they are partial to a nice stalk of bamboo , the red panda will also eat fruit , roots, acorns and even eggs.

Red Pandas can have between 1 and 4 cubs at a time , the cubs are raised by the mother with male Red Pandas having little to no involvement in looking after cubs.

The founders of the popular web browser Mozilla named their product after the red panda , also know as the fire fox , the company actually went as far as to adopt two red panda cubs  from  Knoxville Zoo , Tennessee , in 2010.

If your looking to see Red Pandas in Ireland both Dublin Zoo and Fota Island Wildlife Park , house red pandas. Cant get to a zoo ? No problem you can watch  this live cam of the Red Pandas at the Trevor  Zoo in New York , so go and check them out.

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