SeaWorld Announces End to Breeding

Change is starting to happen; this is the response from 4 ex SeaWorld trainers on the announcement made yesterday – great to see that things are moving in the right direction:

“SeaWorld’s announcement to end captive orca breeding is a step in the right direction, for orcas, and we support efforts to phase out all marine mammals from captivity. 

SeaWorld’s partnership with the Humane Society is significant [two former foes pledging to work together] and we hope the company will become a leader in ocean conservation, help to restore salmon runs, and assist the animal justice community in obtaining nonhuman rights for cetaceans. We understand it took courage for CEO Joel Manby to make these changes; Kudos to his leadership. 

It must be pointed out that SeaWorld’s shift is a financial decision and the public itself has made this happen over a several year time span. THANK YOU for not buying a ticket. There are some inaccuracies in the announcement, such as the characterization of Keiko’s release effort and no mention of other species still incarcerated at the park. 

We’d like to send love to Tilikum, who continues to languish alone in Orlando, and wish we could comfort him in his final hours. In the end, his message was heard. Thank you, Tilly”

The content in this post came from Voice Of the Orcas, you can find the original blog here . Our petition to remove Loro Parque as Europe’s top ranked zoo is also continuing to build momentum please sign here and share , keep the pressure on untill they #EmptyTheTanks

2 thoughts on “SeaWorld Announces End to Breeding

  1. It is fantastic news that Sea World have finally admitted that keeping Orcas in captivity is wrong , by promising to no longer breed them. However why do they not do the most humane thing in the world & release them all to Sea pens. They can be looked after & some recuperated enough to taste life in the open ocean. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that praise. I fear the hero in all this poor Tilikum will remain in a stagnant chlorine filled prison cell for the rest of his days , his punishment for having killed, but as the slogan goes, if Tilikum had been left in the sea with his family, the 3 he killed may still be with theirs. Tilikum did not kill out of malice, he killed out of boredom. A massively intelligent brain, made to perform laborious tricks, day after day, fit only for the feeble minded. He is a deep ocean dwellers a traveller of the sea & a family member & as such he should be allowed to taste sea water once more before he dies. This should be our apology to him, for having held him prisoner all these years, as well as our thanks for Blackfish.


    1. So perfectly put Tanya , while a big announcement by Sea World yesterday it will not end the suffering of those like Morgan and Tilikum already in captivity. But the message is clear the Theamparks are back pedling now , if we and fantastic groups lie voice of the Orcas keep pressure on and they keep loosing money at the gates they will give in and #EmptytheTanks in time.


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