Ring-tailed Lemur Profile

Scientific Name: Lemur catta Region:  Madagascar Size: Head to tail Lemurs are roughly 45cm-55cm long and weigh between 5 – 7.5 pounds. Diet: Herbivores (Plants only) Lifespan:  Ring-tailed Lemurs in the wild can live up to 18 years old though some have lived a little longer in captivity Status in the Wild:  Endangered Ring-tailed Lemurs … More Ring-tailed Lemur Profile

The Bear Necessities

Bears are fascinating creatures , they are found almost every where across the globe from the frozen Arctic to the hot humid Asian  forests bears have adapted and survived for thousands of years. Bears for the most part are classified as carnivores (meat eaters) , but in reality most are omnivorous living of a mix … More The Bear Necessities

Red Panda Profile

Scientific Name: Ailurus fulgens Also Know as: The Fire Fox Region: Can be Found in Nepal , Myanmar (Burma) and Parts of China Size: Head to tail 32 – 46 inches long , and weigh between 12 and 20 lbs Diet: Herbivore Lifespan: 8 years in the wild Status in the Wild: Endangered , approximately 10,000 … More Red Panda Profile